About Us

Quality of life is an essential component underpinning the day-to-day community life 
in the Lark QLC neighborhoods.
Lark QLC Reps
as of October 2013

Richard Berkley, Hudson/Park
Dominick Calsolaro, Councilman 1st Ward 
Tom Clark, Hudson/Park
Richard Conti, Councilman 6th Ward
Elizabeth Griffin, Hudson/Park
Claude Gruener, Hudson/Park
Christopher Higgins, Albany Co. Legislature
Julie Maynes, Park South
Jessica Neidl, Washington Park
Stephanie Richardson, Hudson/Park
Colleen Ryan, Center Square
Clare Yates, Washington Park
Many of the issues associated with quality of life — public safety, noise, vandalism, garbage/litter — are commonly shared by our four neighborhoods. For that reason, residents from each have joined together to form the Lark St. Area Residents Quality of Life Committee (Lark QLC). 

The committee is comprised of representatives from each of the neighborhood associations as well as elected officials. In addition, the Lark QLC is open to anyone who believes in the committee’s mission — Advocating for a Safe, Clean, Vibrant, and Sustainable Community.